Posted: 26 September 2013

Tough to talk about: What you tweeted

This is Social Media Week. In cities across the world, people and organisations are holding events looking at how social media is changing the way we communicate.

five panellists seated before an audience

We organised an event called Tough to talk about, which explored how organisations like ours can use social media to talk about difficult subjects.

We had a panel of experts and guests from across the charity sector and beyond (you can find the full list of speakers in our earlier story about the event). Each panellist shared their experience of using social media to tackle a tough topic. This helped generate a really interesting discussion between the panellists and the people in attendance.

In the true spirit of the event, people took to Twitter to share their thoughts. We're sharing some of our favourite comments - let us know what you think, either by reaching us on Twitter, Facebook or by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Tweets from 'Tough to talk about'




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By Lizzie Murray - Digital team

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