Posted: 07 July 2016

Thousands attending Henley Festival, helping thousands of young carers

As the gates open at this year’s Henley Festival, with The Children’s Society as the official charity partner for the first time, it’s a poignant moment to remember the difference our partnership with the festival will make to young carers.

We know from our work with young carers that they are brave, resilient and positive.

Many are proud of their caring role, and rightly so.

It’s an important and honourable thing to look after a loved one. But it can also take its toll, especially on a young person, and can make them feel lonely and helpless at times.

We are here to show young carers that they are not alone.

Revealing the hidden lives of young carers

Our exciting new partnership with Henley Festival is incredibly important in raising awareness of the challenges facing young carers, and this year a special outdoor version of our Hidden exhibition is featured at the festival.

The portraits and accompanying stories illuminate the reality for many young carers, capturing the hidden lives and hardships, as well as hopes and resilience, faced by hundreds of thousands of young carers across the country.

Kerry, a portrait from the Hidden series

If you are lucky enough to be going to the festival, I urge you to visit the exhibition which you’ll find near the Riverside Restaurant.

Young carers enjoying Henley Festival

Henley Festival has generously given over 100 free tickets for young carers and their families to attend Family Sunday, so they can enjoy a fun family day out and soak up the magical festival atmosphere.

For many young carers, this could be a one-off break away from home this year.

A separate group of young people have the opportunity to gain work experience through unique shadowing opportunities in the press tent and with the festival’s artistic director.

This Sunday, on Henley Festival’s Family Sunday, we are hosting an exciting area for families with lots of fun activities.

We have specially created the area for Henley Festival and there will be something for all the family to enjoy.

If you’re going on Family Sunday, come and find us near the Hidden exhibition and Riverside Restaurant.

Supporting more young carers

Crucially, our partnership with Henley Festival means we will be able to help more young carers. I would like to personally thank everyone at Henley Festival for enabling this partnership and working together to change young people’s lives.

Through thousands of people buying tickets to the festival, vital funds have been raised so we can support more young carers through mentoring, much-needed breaks away from caring duties and other important support.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our work with young carers.

Please help us to do more, so we can give more young carers a brighter future.


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By Matthew Reed - Leadership team

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