Posted: 23 June 2013

'There are some things parents should not be made to cut back on – like feeding their kids'

Actress Tamzin Outhwaite is one of the celebrities who have voiced support for our Fair and Square campaign. Please read her story, which is related to coverage in today's Sunday People, and join our campaign.

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Making sure that no child goes without

Being half Italian, food and healthy eating have always been really important to me, especially now that I am a mum of two. It just seems so wrong that for huge numbers of children living in poverty across the UK, a school meal is the only time they get something nourishing to eat. It is even more shocking that over a million children in need in this country are missing out. 

Which is why I’m supporting Sunday People and The Children's Society's Fair & Square campaign, calling for all school children in poverty to get a free school meal. And I’d urge as many other people as possible to sign up too.

I know from the teachers at my daughter’s school just how important a balanced, nutritious meal is to children’s ability to concentrate and learn. This is what I make sure my own children have and it should be no different for any other child, regardless of where they come from. Making free school meals available for all children in poverty will make sure that no child goes without.

'Without the right food, children can't develop properly'

Everyone knows that without the right food, children can’t develop properly. And I, like so many others, believed that the most vulnerable children in this country were already getting the benefits that these meals provide.

I was really shocked to find out that this was just not the case. That because of how the system is set up, hundreds of thousands of these children are missing out simply because their parents work – even though they don’t earn enough to make ends meet.

These are tough times and every day we see and hear how hard-pressed families are tightening their belts. But there are some things parents should not be made to cut back on – like feeding their kids and getting them the right school uniform.

Making sure that all children in poverty in the UK can get a free school meal makes sense on every level. 


Our partnership with Sunday People

The Sunday People newspaper has shown its support for free school meals and will be highlighting the stories of families who really need free school meals, but are currently missing out.

With Tamzin, Sunday People, Kym Lomas, as well as more than 90,000 people supporting the campaign, momentum is growing. Please join our campaign today.

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By Tamzin Outhwaite - Guest bloggers

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