Posted: 28 August 2019

Our shop opening: A first look at The Store of Modern Childhood

This summer, our new store opened for two days only at 35 Baker Street, London

Designed in collaboration with young people, The Store of Modern Childhood was stocked with bespoke items for the concious consumer.

Shop the collection

From schoolwear to streetwear, The Store of Modern Childhood is stocked with custom garments and accessories that resound with British youth culture:


Beyond the store

It should now be clear that this is not a normal store. The unsettling products are not for sale, but rather represent the challenges children and young people face on a daily basis, including poverty, knife crime, bullying and sexual exploitation.

The hard-hitting installations are based on the findings of our Good Childhood Report and aim to shine an uncompromising light on the harsh reality of being a youth in Britain today. 

Mark Russell, our Chief Executive, notes 'This year’s report shows happiness in young people remains a significant issue and we hope that in bringing to life the very real and very shocking causes of this unhappiness, we can work with the British public to continue to drive change.'

Store of modern childhood

By Kaja Zuvac-Graves

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