Posted: 11 December 2014

The five best things about interning here

Abida, like me, is one of the many interns volunteering with The Children’s Society that are based at HQ in London. 

After earning a degree in business information technology and another internship already complete, Abida is interning with our IT team. She feels that our internship programme is a perfect fit for a budding web developer (or analyst, she’s not too sure yet) like herself. 

The programme’s many benefits allow Abida to explore her potential and interests while she figures out which path to take. 

When I spoke with Abida she told me her five favourite things about interning here.

1. Experience 

‘I expect it’ll help with future interviews as I’ll be able to talk about all the experiences I’ve had’, Abida said - and she’s right. 

Like many recent graduates, Abida was stuck in a vicious 'no experience, no job' cycle when looking for employment. 

Interning with The Children’s Society provided Abida with the experience she needed. She’s set to start a new full-time IT position once her internship ends. 

2. Responsibility

Like the 12 other interns, Abida is overseeing her own individual project- an IT package to improve the early experiences of new employees. Abida is currently working on creating a set of video tutorials to guide employees through everything from creating accounts to setting up printers.

Abida said that knowing her project will help The Children’s Society gives her a sense of achievement and boosted her confidence in her abilities and skills. 

3. Flexibility

In the busy world in which we live, it’s unsurprising that many of the interns are juggling their internships with many other aspects of their lives.

With her schedule set at just three days per week, Abida’s found that there’s been plenty of time for her  other commitments- she’s been able to volunteer for us, keep her job in a local supermarket and attend interviews for graduate jobs. 

4. Training

Though the training days may have become famous for their free sandwiches, this isn’t all they’re good for. Abida found them to be enjoyable and believes that she learnt a lot.

From time management tasks to personality tests and interview practice, these days have prepared us well as we go into the world of work. Abida believes these days have been great for acquiring new skills as well as bonding with fellow interns. 

5. Team of interns

To quote a popular children’s film, ‘we’re all in this together’. This is something Abida identifies as one of the main strengths of the scheme.

‘Not only are we able to support each other throughout , but we also get to know what other departments are like and get a better all-round view of the charity through hearing about the work others are doing’, Abida says.


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