Posted: 23 December 2019

The A-Z of Christingle

We've been celebrating Christingle for over 50 years, but how well do you know the tradition? Here's our A-Z of our favourite candle-lit celebration.

A is for Advent

Lots of Christingles take place in the run up to Christmas. We hope this festive service helps you to feel a warm Christmassy glow!

B is for candle collection boxes

Collect your pennies and return them when it comes to your Christingle celebration.

C is for Christingles

Our wonderful new Christingle characters are here to help you bring your Christingle service to life.

D is for dolly mixture

Our personal favourite sweets to top your Christingles.

E is for epiphany

Why not keep the festivities going and hold your Christingle just after Christmas? Others leave their Christingles til Candlemas (2 February).

F is for flame

Enjoy the light but avoid wearing flammable materials near the naked flame.

G is for glowsticks

Some people use these instead of candles. Put your used glowsticks in the freezer overnight, remove, and crack again, so as not to waste the plastic.

H is for hope

Christingles remind us of the light of Christ, and that we can share hope in our world.

I is for ideas

We love hearing and sharing your ideas for Christingle. Check out our Christinglers Facebook group to share yours.

J is for orange jelly

This makes for a tasty post-Christingle snack. Christingle is a wonderful, sensory service. Give your taste buds an orangey treat!

K is for starter kit

Not sure where to start organising your first Christingle? Check out our starter kit.

L is for light

Share the light of Christingle and remember Jesus, light of the world, coming to earth to bring peace.

M is for marmalade

Why not take your used oranges, add sugar, and boil to make tasty Christingle marmalade?

N is for nighttime

We love the magical moment when all the lights go off in a Christingle, and the glow of the candles and the stillness bring us hope.

O is for orange

What else?! Right at the heart of the Christingle, we love oranges and all things orange.

P is for all the packed-out churches

We love the hustle and bustle – the joy of bringing your whole community together.

Q is for quiet

Take some time in your service to be still, to reflect and to remember God’s love.

R is for the Christingle ribbon

Don’t forget to order your red tape from us – stick it on and keep it in place!

S is for safety

Keep any long hair tied up. Consider using tangerines, red sticky tape and birthday candles for smaller Christinglers.

T is for The Children's Society

The money from your Christingle collection will make such a difference to the lives of vulnerable young people. Thank you for bringing light to their lives.

U is for unique

Christingles come in all shapes and sizes - formal, messy, informal, long, combined with a nativity, all-singing-all-dancing, some led by children and some in residential homes. We’d encourage you to do it your way!

V is for visual aid

Christingle is a way to help children and families understand the Christian story. It’s a way to remember the light of Christ coming to the world, God’s love for us, the four seasons, and the part we play sharing the light in the world.

W is for worship

Christingle is an act of worship, At Christingle, we reflect and we remember. And we give thanks for all that we’ve been given.

X is for xylophone

Whether you have one of these or not, we hope you’re able to raise your voice and sing carols, Christingle songs or hymns. Happy singing! 

Y is for the young people you’re supporting

By giving your Christingle collection, you’re giving young people living in dark situations a chance to have the bright futures they deserve. 

Z is for zone

Why not have a prayer zone set aside at your Christingle? Check out our Christingle prayer ideas.

Celebrate Christingle

By Lauren Cain

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