Posted: 03 October 2016

Thank you to all our supporters!

This week is our inaugural Supporter Care week. A week dedicated to recognising and celebrating YOU, and all our supporters up and down the country, past and present, for all the hard work, dedication and the many creative ways in which you support us.

We have various activities planned for the week, and you may hear from us, so do listen out for the phone and check your post and email!

Our shops are joining in the celebration on the high street, so do pop into your local one to say hello, the staff will be delighted to see you

Some of you sing, bake or abseil to fundraise for us- facing your fears and pushing yourself to the limits. Some of you campaign with us to effect change in society by lobbying your MP, attending marches, signing petitions and helping us highlight key issues affecting young people. Some of you give your time; week after week, year after year in our shops, in our offices and in our direct services volunteering with us.

Our supporters


Sam holds up a picture

This year alone young and old supporters alike have given their time and energy to help us. One of our youngest supporters 10 year old Sam from Dorset cashed in on the Euro 2016 tournament by holding his own sweepstake – and raising £30 for us in the process! Brilliant work Sam!


Jackie Granger Brown from Altrincham, one of our longstanding supporters, was honoured by the Queen in June with a British Empire Medal to recognise her over thirty years as Chair of the Altrincham committee. An amazing example of dedication, the committee has raised over £250,000 over the years, their efforts enabling us to help over 18,000 children and young people across the country.

Susan Hinds

Dedicating her time and passion to one of our key causes, volunteer speaker Susan Hinds arranged a meeting with her MP Anne Marie Morris in May to highlight our Seriously Awkward campaign. Meeting with Anne at her local surgery, Susan explained to her the challenges facing 16 and 17 years olds regarding exploitation and the laws needed to ensure adequate protection for this vulnerable group. Susan’s is one of millions of campaign actions made by you which has allowed us to bring positive changes to over 5.6 million children and young people. Highlighting important issues personally to our representatives in parliament is such a powerful tool for effecting change and, as Susan found, is surprisingly easy to arrange! Please read Susan’s story on our blog.

University of Bath

Bath students reach the top of Kilimanjaro

Adventurous students from the University of Bath raised over £71,000 between the 28 of them for us in June by tackling the lofty heights of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. They spent 4.5 days ascending through 4 different climatic zones and walked 8 hours through the night to reach the summit just in time for sunrise.  What got them through the climb? An ingenious combination of mango juice, haribo and group singing!


Another young supporter with a nose for a good fundraising opportunity, 10 year old Cory put a radical re-style to good use. He raised £675.03 for our Waves project in Weymouth by having his 16 inch hair cut. His dramatic transformation is shown below. We love the new look Cory!

Thank you

These are just a few brilliant examples of the dedicated and enthusiastic supporters we have around the country but we know there are many, many more of you spending hours collecting and counting box money, planning Christingle services, putting on events and coffee mornings, volunteering in our shops, signing our petitions and so much more.

Whatever you do, and however you support us thank you for all you do for children and young people. Your support changes lives. To see what you’ve achieved please have a look at our most recent Impact Report. It outlines what we managed to achieve in 2015/16 because of your support.

Thank you for your amazing support!

By Beth Carter

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