Posted: 09 December 2012

Thank you to the messengers

The second week of Advent traditionally focuses on the prophets - those who have spoken out, often from the margins, and brought an often uncomfortable message of what needed to change.

This week we consider the messengers whose voices are often marginalised and consider the truth they speak to us.


Dear God 

Thank you for the gift of your son Jesus

Help me to share his message of good news to all.

Thank you for my talents and abilities 

Help me to use them wisely and generously.

Thank you for your message of freedom and liberty for all

Help me to stand firm for justice and truth.

Thank you for your peace and hope

Help me to speak words of encouragement to others.

Thank you for making me a gift to others

Help me to show them acts of kindness and compassion.

Thank you for your messengers

Help us to share your love boldly and confidently.  



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By Rev Cham Kaur-Mann - Guest bloggers

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