Posted: 05 April 2015

Thank you for supporting BenevoLent

Fantastic resources to engage your church in praying, giving and acting for vulnerable young people this Lent are now available.

BenevoLent has ended this year but you can still support our work - find out how today.

Now that Lent has finished, we want to say thank you to everyone who participated in BenevoLent this year. We really appreciate your efforts and know it must not have been easy at times. 

Throughout Lent, we were lucky enough to hear from some of our staff and supporters who took up the BenevoLent challenge in a series of very entertaining blogs. Lorna gave up sugarSimon gave up cakeKatie gave up carbs and Louise gave up all of the aboveTasmin gave up coffee and Kay gave up lazy lunches.  

Our 2015 participants gave up a range of items including social media, take aways and coffee. However, some items were more popular than others as you can see in the graph below.  




Donate your savings 

Whether you managed to save a lot or a little, it's now time to donate your savings. If you have saved a lot of money but are not able to donate all of your savings, why not donate just a portion? Any donation is greatly appreciated and will help us continue our vital work with vulnerable children.

If you didn't sign up to BenevoLent, you can still make a donation online, or if you'd prefer, you can support Dylan in his fundraising efforts. Dylan gave up his bed for Lent and slept in a cardboard box for 40 days and 40 nights.

Read Dylan's BenevoLent blog

Thank you once again to everyone that was BenevoLent this year. Now, bring on the Easter eggs.

By Amy Doyle - Digital team

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