Posted: 22 June 2015

Thank you, Emma Ball

For three years Emma Ball Ltd, a Nottinghamshire-based design company that creates watercolours, greetings cards, homeware, fabrics and prints, have supported our work selling Christmas cards and gifts. 

We recently spoke with Emma and asked her to reflect on how the partnership worked and why she got involved with supporting us. 

Can you describe your business?

Emma Ball Ltd began back in 2001, when I launched a start-up range of limited edition prints and greeting cards. I previously ran my own company designing stencils and applying them to various products, such as plant pots. It was popular, and as I expanded into different products, Emma Ball Ltd was born. Fourteen years later I've expanded the business -  with over 40 portfolios of areas all over Britain, hundreds of stationery items, over 1000 card images and a host of gift lines.

Over the past few years, we have also taken on board three other artists, our most recent addition is Caroline Cleave, who is proving to be a great success across her whole range of products which compliments my own artwork. 

Do you think your customers have appreciated you supporting our work?

Our stockists have given us great feedback and recognition for supporting The Children’s Society, with many of our shops coming back to us year on year for repeat orders, proving the products have been a great success. We also have several loyal customers on our website who come back to order our Christmas cards each year, and have left positive feedback that they encourage and appreciate our support for The Children’s Society.

Have you enjoyed being one of our corporate partners?

Yes, it’s been a great success for ourselves as a business, but also with the satisfying feeling that we’re also helping a great cause. We’ve had great feedback on the designs we illustrated for the charity across the range of Christmas cards, notepads and tea towels. We’ve enjoyed representing a charity which has a proven track record of supporting children across the UK.

What has been your favourite part of being a partner?

My favourite part about working alongside The Children’s Society was designing and illustrating the products. We have a strong brand and image at present, so to design something different was a challenge, but a nice change, as people and especially children don’t tend to feature in my other artwork.

The most satisfying part of being a partner was supporting a great charity, and knowing our support was going towards a great cause.

Before choosing The Children’s Society as our charity, we viewed several charities' websites to review what the money donated was going on. The Children's Society's website proved to all of us at Emma Ball Ltd that the charity was worth supporting, as you can see an exact break down of where the money goes each year.

Would you encourage other businesses to support us?

I’d encourage any business to support charities. Of course, before signing a partnership I’d tell a business to seriously consider if they can afford it, but supporting a charity doesn’t always mean signing a contract. Businesses can donate to charities in many other ways such as prizes for raffles, open days, sponsored events and such like- agreements don’t always have to be formal, and these events can be fun, improve team morale and help a great cause at the same time.

By Emma Ball - Guest bloggers