Posted: 01 October 2012

Ten young people organise Bake and Brew event, raise money for our work

One Saturday in September, we hosted a Bake and Brew event with staff from The Children’s Society. The skills we learned on The Challenge (more on this below) helped us to organise the event, be confident when speaking to members of the public and to persuade them to support The Children’s Society. 

In all our skills and also our lovely cakes have helped us raise an incredible £135.82!

We really enjoyed the experience and some of our team members say that they would love to volunteer for a charity again.

As well as enjoying ourselves, it also taught us what The Children’s Society actually does and the problems they tackle, such as providing support for young runaways.

Creating a video, giving back to the community 

The Challenge is a huge charitable organisation designed to benefit young people, by building confidence and self-esteem, and developing a variety of skills.

During the course of The Challenge, we were encouraged to give back to the community.

Partnering with The Children’s Society helped us do so. We volunteered to participate in their annual 'Bake and Brew' week. We also learned new skills such as how to shoot a video and interview the public.

By giving a little bit of time, we raised money to help young people, we made a film to promote the work of The Children’s Society and we made a difference within the community. 

By Amira Dahir, Sama Kalith and Kowser Ali

Learn more

  • See photographs on Facebook of the young people's and others' Bake and Brew events
  • You can organise a Bake and Brew event in your community
  • Learn what you can do to get involved an support our work with vulnerable young people
By Amira Dahir - Guest bloggers

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