Posted: 14 January 2014

Tea for two: X Factor star, Misha B, joins us for a cuppa

At the launch of The Children’s Society in Greater Manchester, we took the opportunity to chat to one of our celebrity supporters, X Factor finalist Misha B, over a cuppa.

First, who are you and why are you well-known?

My name is Misha B and I’m a British singer, songwriter and rapper who found fame on The X Factor.

Please tell us about your background.

I grew up in the Moss Side and Longsight areas of Manchester, so I saw first-hand the issues The Children’s Society is trying to deal with in the area. I was brought up by my aunt as my mum wasn’t able to be there  for me, so I can really identify with the young people I met at The Children’s Society’s Safe in the City project.

Why do you support The Children’s Society?

It really shocked me that over 150,000 children in Greater Manchester – and over half where I grew up in Moss Side – live in poverty. When I heard about this I immediately wanted to help. There is something wrong when, in 2013, these issues are now among the worst the charity has seen in its 120-year history working in this location. So I’m delighted they’re calling on organisations from across the area to work with them, and make the greatest possible impact on young lives.

What are you currently working on?

Myself! Every day I’m learning new things about myself as an individual and as an artist. This year I have been focusing my energy on my song-writing skills, studying different types of music and fashion, basically on my artistry as a whole.  The next project is the E.P entitled #ROOM303 and from there…. Well, you know I love fashion and I haven’t released my album yet.

Where’s your favourite place to go for tea? Why?

Oh, I’m not a heavy tea drinker. But I have stayed at various different hotels and every tea I have asked for has been quite a treat.

Who would you invite to join you for tea? Why?

I would invite maybe someone to make me laugh, say... Keith Lemon.  I think everyone needs a bit of Keith Lemon’s humour in their life, especially in the morning you need someone to boost you up, make you laugh and give you that extra spruce for the day.

What’s your favourite cake and why?

Victoria sponge cake. Classic and d-e-licious.

Our work in Manchester

Misha B is supporting a new initiative in Greater Manchester where there are 150,000 children living in poverty – among the highest rates in the country. The initiative will see ground-breaking solutions to the problems, with our services, shops, fundraising and campaigns working closer together under the banner of The Children’s Society in Greater Manchester.

Misha B grew up in the Moss Side and Longsight districts of the city. She said: ‘Young people living in Greater Manchester have aspirations just as I did and so much potential which is blighted by poverty. The Children’s Society’s new initiative provides a ray of hope to thousands of children and their families.’

We’ll be launching further community-based initiatives for children and young people in the West Midlands and Greater London later this year. If you live in those areas, please watch out for details.

Get involved in Bake and Brew

Next time you want to invite friends over for tea and cake, please remember that you can make it a Bake and Brew event in aid of vulnerable children and young people. Our annual Bake and Brew takes place at the beginning of September, but you can hold an event at any time of the year. Find out more about holding a Bake and Brew event or contact our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 7000.

By Misha B - Guest bloggers

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