Posted: 27 March 2020

Talking to teenagers about Coronavirus Covid-19

The Coronavirus Covid-19 has disrupted every life of every child and teenager in the country. With schools closed and many services having to reassess how they offer support, it's more important than ever we are there for the young people who need us. 

Talking to teens about Coronavirus Covid-19

Teenagers may already know a lot about Coronavirus Covid-19 through what they read and watch. News, social media and friends become the main sources of information as parents become less defining in how they think and behave.

With more outside information, they may have worries relating to the impact of the virus on society and people around them. Here are some ways you can offer support to a young person worried about Coronavirus Covid-19:


Think about their worries and how you might be able to reframe them. How can they think differently and what are the positives of the situation? 


Being proactive is often a good way to cope with concern. If the young person is worried about an elderly relative or older people in the neighbourhood, work out a safe and appropriate way you could support them. 


Not being able to go out as much can be difficult for many young people. Allow them to be independent within the home and encourage them to choose appropriate activities. 


Encourage them to continue to chat to friends and peers about the situation. They’ll know best how each other are feeling and can offer peer support


Sharing information you’ve found from trusted sources could be useful. Don’t force it on them but invite them to have a look if they’re interested. Or simply ask them open questions about things you’ve seen on the news.


Most importantly, continue to be open to discussion and show a willingness to support them through whatever they’re going through.

For our latest information regarding Coronavirus Covid-19, please see our support hub offering advice and resources for children and young people who are affected by the outbreak. 


By Practitioner

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