Posted: 06 August 2014

Summer holiday fun for all the family

The school summer holidays are well underway -  if you need inspiration on how to keep your little ones entertained look no further.

Timeless family fun

Other favourites were having a water fight, family picnics and outdoor games like hopscotch, limbo or piggy in the middle. Why not bring your favourite childhood memories to life with your children or grandchildren? Back in July we asked 1000 people what their favourite childhood memory was, and over 74% of people said ‘playing outside in the summer’.

This summer hundreds of people will be doing just that and hosting a Big Summer DO. Get together with your friends and family and enjoy all that makes up a traditional, fun, childhood summer – from sharing food to playing outdoors. Download our new Big Summer DO activities to guarantee your guests have a good time. 

Every day, deprivation, neglect and caring responsibilities force children across the country to grow up too soon. The money you raise at your Big Summer DO will enable us to give these children back their childhoods.

Bake and Brew . . . it’s a piece of cake

Fingers crossed this summer is filled with glorious sunshine, but if it it’s not you’ll need to think of some indoor fun: Host a Bake and Brew and invite the neighbours 'round for a tea and cake sale.  

You could show your children how to make your favourite recipes, or visit our recipes page for some delicious ideas from Nigella Lawson and Levi Roots.

Hit the high street

Our high street shops are packed with toys, fun games and costumes to keep your kids entertained. We have 96 across the country and last year alone they raised over £8m, which is a great way to support our work with vulnerable children.

If you’re feeling especially creative then host your own fashion show like we did at our West Hampstead shop.


By Daniel Pattison - Digital team

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