Posted: 10 December 2018

Stories from our shops: Carol Forshaw

Our story this week comes from Carol Forshaw, Shop Manager of our Shaw store. Our shops play a vital role in supporting the work we do with vulnerable young people.

Carol shares her love for the general public, the importance of buying from our shops, and her most memorable donations. Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like a satsuma in a bag of clothes.

What’s an average day in the shop like? 

Every day is different but most include accepting donations, sorting donations, researching items, maintaining systems, organising displays, signing customers up to Gift Aid and handing out biscuits! I also look after the volunteers and deal with increasing cases of shoplifting and burglary. There’s more but you get the idea…there are never enough hours in the day!

What do you enjoy most about working in the shops? 

The variety of work, my fantastic volunteers and the lovely public. I believe most people are nice so that helps in retail, and I love the contribution we make to the work of The Children’s Society.

What are some of the most memorable donations you’ve seen? 

A satsuma in the middle of a bag of clothes, a broken light bulb in the middle of a bag of clothes, live spiders, a Moorcroft vase that sold for £130 and three and a half sovereigns that sold for £720.

Does anything change over the Christmas period?

We get an influx of Christmas decorations when people bring everything out the loft and decide to replace all their old baubles. Clothing sales go down as people are busy spending on wish lists and food, but we often get festive biscuits and chocolates brought in by our lovely customers.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?  

Nothing for me I have enough STUFF but I do wish we could all be much kinder to each other.

What does Christmas mean to you? 

It is a time for reflection and to focus on the children and their needs.

Why is it important that people continue to visit our shops? 

We always need to do better. The needs of so many children need to be met and this can only happen if we continue with the support of volunteers, people who donate and our wonderful shoppers.


By Carol

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