Posted: 01 December 2015

Advent: Somewhere in between

Esther’s poem, based on Psalm 25, reminds us why it’s important to take some time to reflect during Advent and is part of our Advent calendar blog series

Somewhere in between

Somewhere in between wrapping bright wires

around wood-chipped bannisters and

kneading the dough to make cinnamon bread

I remember that it is Christmas.

‘It’s on the way now’ I overhear as I swerve

through crowds of shoppers carrying more

bags than tightly-gloved hands can clutch.

Although I have opened only three Advent doors,

the smell of mulled wine drifts from heaving

street markets, and brilliant lights above me seem to declare 

with every flash that Christmas has arrived
in a flurry of activity and mass of malting tinsel.


He came to us; feet treading scorched earth, 

gathering dust as he made a way for us all. 

A King stepping down from glory to a 

place where hearts grow cold and tears run freely:

he has mercy.

The one who is gentle and humble reaches out a

hand to those who are like children, promising

restoration like nothing else the world has known,

proclaiming that each and every person matters: 

lifting up the lowly

From the moment he stepped in, an upside down world, 

an astounding reversal, unlike any other.


So I wait, filled with thankfulness,

no longer impatient amidst the gauze and glitz of

decorating, baking and creating in anticipation of one day,

but willing to sit and wait a while in stillness,

eager for all that lies ahead.

Every tree shining brilliant through a window,

Each crumbling canapé, and coats piled high

In the spare room remind me why I celebrate:

He is on his way, Jesus is near.

For great is the sacrifice he made coming to this earth:

you have done great things for me.

Christmas, Emmanuel, is coming.

By Esther Elliott - Church team

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