Posted: 06 January 2014

'Some children don't get as much as us at Christmas and many don't even get anything to eat'

On Friday, we had a visit from Jonathan Turner, a speaker from The Children's Society. He talked about how we sometimes take vital things for granted, particularly at Christmas.

He brought a sack full of presents with him. Some children don't get as much as us at Christmas and many don't even get anything to eat. Some don't live at home because they get treated badly.

In the sack, there was wrapped up baked beans, water, a cardboard box, soap and a hat and scarf. We all have these things in our houses but we aren't really aware of them because they're always there. Some children don't really have them.

We take things like water for granted but some children will be really pleased if they got them for a present because some don't even have clean water.

Every five minutes, someone runs away from their home because their family doesn't treat them very well. The Children's Society helps to give them what they need and look after them.

At Christingle time, we raise money for the people who haven't got much to keep them warm or much to eat. Everyone is given a candle and they fill them with as much money as they can.  

They bring the money into school or to church and they count up the money and send it to The Children's Society. This is especially important in winter and at Christmas time.

Think about all of the things that you have and don't take them for granted as many children may not be lucky enough to have them. We learnt how much of a difference the Children's Society can make to young people's lives.


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