Posted: 14 April 2020

Six year old’s first fundraiser shows isolation determination

The life of every child has been turned upside down by Coronavirus, but it's not stopping Ivey from going the extra mile to help those most in need. 

The six year old from Aberdare took to her treadmill last Friday to raise money and help other children during lockdown.

Walking the extra mile

Ivey Moore-James did her first ever charity fundraiser by completing a thirty minute walk to raise money for us. According to her mother, Joanne James, Ivey usually hates walking but wanted to do something challenging to help to kids less fortunate than herself:

'Every time we go out after five minutes she starts saying she doesn’t want to walk, so for her thirty minutes is a big challenge. We are very fortunate, when we went into lockdown I found my old running machine and set it up so we could do some exercise in the house. When she saw it Ivey decided she would do a walk for charity.'

Motivated by a crisis

The kind-hearted Ivey has been wanting to do some fundraising for a while. In the past Ivey has sorted out toys and asked her mother if they can be taken to a charity shop and even suggested doing a cake sale. 

However, it is the recent Coronavirus crisis that has really motivated the young girl. When the pandemic first started to get bad Ivey became very concerned about people not being able to afford food, Joanne added:

'She watched the news and saw the reports about empty supermarket shelves and foodbanks being overstretched and understaffed, she got very upset and put a note up in our window to say we had plenty of food and people could come here and get it. I had to explain we could not do that, but we could do some fundraising.'

Helping other young people

Joanne found three charities she thought Ivey might like and then explained what each of them did, Ivey then chose to support The Children’s Society as she liked the idea of being able to help other young people. The six year old was also very worried about children who might live in abusive homes. Joanne said: 

'I tried to explain to Ivey that some children are not fortunate and their mummies and daddies are struggling and The Children Society supports them, this really made her want to help.'

Support her walk

So far Ivey has raised over two hundred pounds and has been training for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the afternoon. Her walk took place on Friday 10thApril but you can still donate to show her your support.

Ivey is a fantastic young girl doing an amazing thing to help other young people. During this pandemic young people need us more than ever and it is thanks to incredible supporters like Ivey that we can still be there to help vulnerable young children who will be affected in so many ways during these unprecedented and challenging times.



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