Posted: 10 August 2012

Signing off after two quick months

I’m wrapping up my work as a media intern - I can’t believe how quickly two months have flown by. I’ve had an amazing time, been to events, written press releases and drunk a smoothie made by our chief executive - how many interns can say they’ve done that? 

Matthew Reed riding a stationary bicycle that powers a blender

In my first blog post I wrote about how much I loved being a part of The Children’s Society. That hasn’t changed, if anything I feel more connected to this little corner on Margery Street than I was before. It’s not just my connections with the organisation that make me want to keep coming back. 

The work we do is so important as well. Despite spending two summers here I feel as if there are still so many areas of work that I know nothing about yet. What I have seen at the programmes and events I have been to this year is that the difference that is made to the young people is real. 

The work of The Children's Society is not just talk or campaigning, more often than not it is what we do on the front lines, helping children and young people deal with difficult situations and helping to improve their lives. 

'Really inspiring to see people invest so much in their work'

Despite having to adjust both to early mornings and commuting – neither a part of my university life – I have enjoyed working in head office. Not only do the people who work here do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that supports The Children's Society’s network of shops and programmes, but they are passionate about the work that they do. It is really inspiring to see people invest so much into their work. 

I'm really going to miss working here. As a Drama and Creative Writing student I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work on my writing skills both with this blog and with the everyday work of the media team. I’ll miss the events, the project visits and perhaps most of all the people I’ve been working with. How they managed to put up with me for two months I’ll never know!

American adventures

I can’t complain about leaving too much though! After I finish I’m heading to America for four months to study at a university there. As trips abroad go this is a pretty exciting one and I can’t wait to throw myself into all the experiences I’m going to have! 

One thing is for sure though, no matter how far I go, or how long I stay there I will always stay in touch with The Children's Society. Who knows, more likely than not I’ll be back next year if they’ll have me! 

If you’ve enjoyed my posts here on The Children’s Society’s blog (which I hope you have!) then please head over to my blog where I will be documenting my time in - you guessed it - America.

By Rosie Rutherford, Media Intern

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