Posted: 23 March 2016

Show Some Warmth: One year on

Campaigners delivering a 'final reminder' to energy companies

Last year, our Show Some Warmth campaign highlighted that 1.3 million families had faced debt on their energy bills. We found that energy companies were too often leaving family homes cold and risking children’s and parents’ health.

Over 6,000 campaigners joined together to call on energy companies to 'show some warmth' to families in energy debt.

What has your energy company done?

A year ago, we presented a 'final reminder' to energy companies to get them to change their practices.

E.ON, npower and ScottishPower now include 16 and 17 year olds who live on their own as a vulnerable group, meaning that they will be better protected and given more support.

npower has changed its telephone scripts to better support families and now asks customers experiencing financial difficulty whether they have children living at home.

SSE are producing an advice booklet for 16 to 21 year olds who are living independently for the first time, running workshops for their managers on the issues around debt and now take into account if there are children living at home when assessing their customers’ ability to make debt repayments.

British Gas has prioritised Smart Meter rollout for vulnerable households, making it easier to keep on top of their energy usage. It has also looked into its outbound phone numbers to improve the numbers of people answering calls.

Turn up the heat

We’re delighted by the changes that have been made. However, we know that more still needs to be done to eradicate the use of damaging debt practices to help prevent cold family homes and harm to children’s health.

Join us today - email your energy company, thanking them for the changes they’ve made and ask them to do more to help families in energy debt?