Posted: 12 June 2020

‘You are not alone’: 10-year-old Samuella’s lockdown letter of support to the elderly

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has seen nationwide social distancing restrictions and public health interventions. Although loneliness can affect anyone regardless of age, the elderly are particularly vulnerable during this difficult time.

That is why Samuella, a year six student with a passion for writing, decided to take part in an activity, which involved writing a letter of support to elderly people to help lift their spirits.

Here Samuella answers our questions on life, lockdown and why she chose to write the letter.

Q. How are you personally finding lockdown?

Answer: Personally, I have found it fine. It is crucial to spend time with family, especially those vulnerable because they need us young children to help them through these difficult times.

The lockdown has taught me to be happy for everything I own because not everyone has the things I have. Many people are out there living by themselves or seeking help and if we aren’t then we need to be grateful.

‘Money can’t buy your family and happiness.’
This period has allowed me to spend more time with God – as I am a Christian. He really can make a change in your life if you look up to him like I do.

Q. What made you want to write the letter?

Answer: I wrote this letter because I knew that there are some people out there who don’t have anybody at all. They have nobody to turn to. This led me to ask myself what I can do to make someone feel happy.

‘All I want is for everyone to be kind to each other on this planet.’

Another thing that made me want to write this letter was thinking about if I was in this situation what I would want to hear. I would want people to encourage me and tell me to never give up.

Q. Why did you specifically write to the elderly?

Answer: I decided to write this letter to the elderly because they are the vulnerable ones in our community, especially in relation to their health. Now they have less support with mental health too. Sometimes it feels like they are being forgotten.

My great-grandmother has dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Before the lockdown, her daughters would always come over to her house and spend time with her. It really helped with her mental health. All these elderly people need to know that there are people out there who love and care for them.

Q. What do you hope people feel when they read your letter?

Answer: I hope that my letter will strengthen people’s confidence and change their lives. If you don’t give up and you persevere you can get through anything.

I want people to think about all their problems and know that there’s a way to get out. They just need faith in God and in themselves.

Q. Is there anything else you want to say?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Children’s Society for sharing my letter. I appreciate this very much!

Many people would think, what can a small girl like you do? However, your enthusiasm to do something should never be brought down because someone says you are too young. Please take this advice seriously as your life can be transformed and you will become great one day.

‘Keep on being you! You are special and you are phenomenal! Don’t Give Up!’

If you know a young person who needs support, our Covid-19 hub has information and guidance for those coping with stress, anxiety and loneliness.


By Samuella, Year-6 student

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