Posted: 30 March 2016

Ross Kemp discovers huge challenges around child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Britain documentary

In his new Sky 1 series Britain, looking at challenging social issues, Ross Kemp focuses his second episode on child sexual exploitation across the country.

As Ross discovers, despite the prolific media attention around sexual exploitation scandals such as those in Oxford, Rochdale and Rotherham, this is still a deeply misunderstood issue.

Young people

An estimated 16,500 children and young people are at high risk of sexual exploitation in our country today.

But most of the public wouldn’t know how to spot the signs of exploitation.

At The Children’s Society, where we help 750 children and young people a year at risk of, or experiencing exploitation, we know how often young people are let down.

We often see children and young people who haven’t been protected, who haven’t been listened to and who haven’t had the help they need to recover.

We work alongside young people to provide the help they need, help them rebuild their lives and try to get justice for the crimes committed against them.

A young person supported by us has bravely shared her experiences, anonymously, for the episode aired on Tuesday 29 March. 

Sharing these kinds of experiences is not easy and an incredibly brave thing to do.

We thank her for her courage in helping increase public understanding about how sexual exploitation can take place.

How you can help

If you saw the documentary, please know that you can help make things better.

We all have a role to play in protecting children and young people.

You can find out more about how to spot the signs of child sexual exploitation and where to seek help either for yourself or a child you are worried about in our online resource.

With our Seriously Awkward campaign, we are demanding changes in law to help older teenage victims get the help and protection they need, as well as the access to justice they deserve.

You can join us and take action to support the campaign.

We rely on public support to provide desperately needed help to young people. We want to help more than 1,000 children and young people facing sexual exploitation this year.

You can donate, even a small amount, to help us be there for these young people. 

We run innovative services across the country so that young people at risk of, or experiencing sexual exploitation, get help. Find out how to commission us or work with us. 

By Val Floy - Leadership team

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