Posted: 23 December 2016

Rosie’s story

Each week we are sharing the story of a young person we’ve worked with and how your support has changed their life for the better. 

Rosie's story

At 12 years old, Rosie was struggling at school and getting into trouble with teachers. At home, she was arguing with her mum. She felt stressed and wanted to get away - this is when Rosie started going missing.


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After the police were called, Rosie got involved with a charity who referred her to us. Rosie’s project worker educated her about the risks of going missing, and supported Rosie into a new school referral unit. Things started to improve for Rosie, until one day she was sexually assaulted when walking home. She returned to The Children’s Society and received therapeutic one-to-one support from her worker.

Rosie then joined the service’s group work, meeting up with other young people in similar situations. Rosie is now 16 and enjoying working with the group to raise awareness of issues around child sexual exploitation. She would like to work for us in the future as a project worker. She no longer goes missing and her relationship with her mum has improved.

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Well-being and mental health

Across the 18,164 young people we worked with, 73% experienced positive changes in their safety, relationships and mental health. Thank you for making this possible.


By Mo Baldwin - Church team

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Marnie's Story

Posted: 2 December 2016


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