Posted: 25 September 2014

Revs on a roller coaster

Yesterday, 20 revs from across the country held on to their dog collars and took their faith to new heights by braving the Big One, a beastly Blackpool rollercoaster. It was all in the name of raising money to support our charity.

They were joined by children from one of our local programmes, as well as Linda Nolan, ex-Bond girl Shannon Ledbetter, Gogglebox star Reverend Kate Bottley, and staff from across the country.

All money they raise from the ride will go towards our work with some of the UK's most disadvantaged children, including those living in poverty.

Please donate today to help the revs raise money to support our work.

There are 3.7 million children living in poverty whose families often struggle to put food on the table. Growing up in poverty can blight a child’s well-being and their future chances. For example children in poverty are more likely to have poor mental health and can be less likely to achieve their full potential. 

Watch our video of the day's ride:

Donate today

Please donate today to support the revs' fundraising

By Mo Baldwin - Church team