Posted: 10 November 2013

Reflecting on the power of stories

The new Who Benefits? campaign, of which we are one of five supporting charities, gives voice to millions of ordinary people who are, or have been, supported by working-age benefits. 

The point is that the benefits system is important and can really help people and families. Yet too often those who have been helped by benefits get ignored, misrepresented or at worst blamed for their situation.

In our reflection, Love benefits all, we consider Jesus’ challenge to love everyone, even our enemies. 

It’s much easier to love someone when you know their story. That’s the idea behind Who Benefits?, a campaign that gives an opportunity for people who have been supported by benefits to share their stories. 

Perhaps benefits were a vital support when you or someone in your family became ill and couldn’t work. Maybe benefits helped you with childcare so you could go back to work. 

We need to understand why people need help and what a difference it makes in order to follow Jesus’ commandment to love each other. Only then can we focus on the real issues people face.

Please share your story on the Who Benefits? website and help us change the debate.

This month’s resources

By Sophie Brightwell - Church team

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