Posted: 13 February 2015

Quiz time: How well do you know energy?

Through Show Some Warmth, we're asking energy companies that provide gas and electricity to show some warmth to families with children. Energy bills can be very expensive and it can be very easy for families to fall into debt. We are campaigning to ask energy companies to help make things easier for families.

Take action today - sign our petition to tell energy companies to show some warmth to families in debt on their energy bills.

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How much does energy cost?

It’s surprising to find out how much it costs to use different sorts of energy.

Find out some shocking facts in our quick quiz.

By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

Show some warmth

Sign our petition - ask energy companies to show some warmth to children in families facing energy debt.


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Are you eligible for a £140 payment towards your energy bills?

Posted: 6 February 2014