Posted: 03 August 2016

Putting the ‘fun’ in fundraising: Fashion shows, summer parties and more!

Our Shipston committee has been putting on events for over 25 years now. We are a team of eight great ladies and one man – our chairman! We all enjoy working together and have a lot of fun, most importantly we raise money for such a good cause.

Every year we hold some regular events that we know will work for our area, for example, we hold bridge lunches which are always really popular, well supported and fun. In the summer, we hold a big supper party. This year’s Summer Soiree was held at the home of a generous local family, with delicious canapés, bubbly, wine and a jazz trio of local schoolboys playing for us, we raised nearly £2,500!

We provide the tea and cakes for one of local village open gardens and they kindly let us keep the profits, we do street collections, have stalls at local Christmas fairs and have box collections around the local villages. Local people are very generous and supportive of the charity.

Our Spring Fashion Show

In Spring, we hosted a fashion show event at a local shop. The shop manager put on the whole event for us, providing Prosecco, organising all the models, then providing canapés whilst we all browsed the shop giving us 15% discount on anything purchased that day.

We were given 35 tickets to sell which was easy as lots of ladies like to go to fashion shows and the shop was happy for us to take the ticket money for the charity. We then also held a raffle and made over £500, which we were delighted with for such a small group of people.

It is the first one we have done, and there was a real buzz - we’re planning to do another fashion show with Christmas parties and gifts in mind in November, with the support of our wonderful retailer Claire Wright at Gemini in Stratford on Avon.

Having ‘fun’ fundraising to really make a difference

I have been a teacher all my working life and have seen first-hand some of the difficult issues that The Children’s Society deals with. Joining a fundraising committee is a great way of supporting vulnerable young people and helping turn their lives around.

I get a great buzz knowing the charity has made many young people’s lives better and more bearable, and that I’ve been part of that.

If we ourselves need any support in any way, we contact Roseann, our regional fundraising manager who is absolutely wonderful. She is always ready to support us, either in person or by getting fundraising materials for us to use at events - posters, flyers etc.

To anyone thinking about joining a local committee like Shipston I would say, speak to the local fundraising manager and find out more about how you can help. Join a committee with some friends and have fun putting on events and fundraising to help seriously disadvantaged children.

So I say - just get involved, get stuck in, bring your friends on board and have “fun” fundraising. It doesn’t matter how small or local your events are or whether you raise a lot or a little, it’s about working and being together and doing something for somebody else. It takes you out of your comfort zone and you’re giving something back to youngsters who have no-one else to turn to.

Fancy giving fundraising a go? Check out our Organise your own event section.

By Karen Gaymond