Posted: 24 October 2014

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At just seven years old, Lee was forced to have home schooling after experiencing extreme bullying at his school. Lee has dyspraxia which makes learning difficult, and stuggled with social anxiety and making friends. 

Our Future Links project, which supports disabled children through one-to-one work, has given Lee the support he needs to turn things around. His self-esteem has improved and he now wants to help other young people who are being bullied. 

Lee said, ‘Without Future Links I would not be leaving my house. I would be lost and suffering from depression. Now I feel confident and am happy. I am doing lots of things I never thought possible.’

Our vision of equality

Our vision is a country where children, like Lee, are free from disadvantage. We are committed to providing support to vulnerable children and young people, regardless of their characteristics or background. 'Pulling out all the stops’, our new single equality scheme that sets out our commitment to diversity and inclusion, will make sure we can effectively deliver tailored services to the disadvantaged children who need them. 

Benefitting disadvantaged children, volunteers and employees alike

It will also help us to attract the most talented and enthusiastic employees and volunteers from all sections of society, unlocking the creativity, potential and loyalty of everyone to help us achieve our aim of supporting disadvantaged children towards better lives.

Earlier this year, despite enjoying her work as Senior Fundraising Manager Accountant at The Children’s Society, Aleesha thought she would have to find another job as her daughter would soon start primary school. However, Aleesha’s manager agreed flexible working hours, enabling Aleesha to achieve a happy balance between her work for us and spending time with her daughter.

Aleesha said, ‘I feel extremely valued - this makes me want to work even harder to say thank you.’

We aim to ensure fairness in all we do

As an employer and volunteer organisation we welcome and value diversity. The children and young people we support, our volunteers and our staff will all benefit from our new single equality scheme which demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion. ‘Pulling out all the stops’ sets out how we will take action to embed fairness into everything that we do. 

I have no doubt that ‘Pulling out all the stops’ will enable us to maximise the difference we make to disadvantaged children, and positively change lives for the better.

By Matthew Reed - Leadership team

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