Posted: 20 June 2013

Providing refuge since Roman times

Britain has provided refuge to people fleeing violence and terror since Roman times. To celebrate, Refugee Week has put together an interactive timeline, showing that Britain has given protection.

The timeline consists of lots of images and resources illustrating Britain’s great tradition of providing sanctuary to those in need. We’ve taken one of the images (jump to the image) and used an online tool called ThingLink to make it interactive.

Layers of history and interaction

ThingLink enables us to created various touch points on the image. These touch points allow us to provide extra information about the image as well as links to related websites, other images and videos.

The image we’ve chosen is an appeal poster from 1937, asking people to donate money to help support some of the 4000 Basque children arriving in Britain who were fleeing fascism in General Franco’s Spain.

The children were housed initially at a camp near Southampton and there was a great deal of public support for them. The image strikes a chord with us as it makes us think of the many young refugees and children in the asylum system we work with each year.

If you have a personal story about Britain’s refugee history, you can add it to the timeline, too. In any case, don't miss Refugee Week's timeline and learn how you can take part in this year's Refugee Week.

Our ThingLinked image


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By Lizzie Murray - Digital team

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