Posted: 19 September 2017

Proud to be a Campaign Champion

The latest Good Childhood Report shined a light on the multiple problems that young people face. I became a Campaign Champion because I’ve been through similar experiences to the children who took part in the research.

I believe that young people should know they’re not alone - that there are people like me out there who care and will stand up for them. That’s why I’m joining the campaign today and asking the Government to provide more funding to help young people before they hit crisis point.

Struggling to cope

The research focuses on the impact that these problems have on how children feel about their lives. Many worry that their parents won’t be able to pay the bills. Some fear being followed by a stranger. Others fear they’ll be assaulted.

fear of crime

What struck me about the research was that many of the issues that children are facing now are similar to what I experienced as a child. I suffered from depression and anxiety from the age of 14 and lived in fear of being bullied. Not knowing if my mum could provide financial security for my sister and me was especially traumatic.

These problems built up and the situation escalated to the point where I felt suicidal.

Unable to get help

I visited my doctor, but my concerns weren’t taken seriously. There just didn’t seem to be any help there. I realise now that I wasn’t given the professional help I deserved, especially at the beginning. That’s my motivation for supporting this campaign. We desperately need more funding to address the devastating cuts to the local services that help children.

'I don't like being anywhere on my own to be honest' -secondary school girl

Support services are vital for young people. They provide a lifeline for some and allow children to voice their fears and worries. This can help them begin to overcome problems and learn that things can get better.

Ask your MP to listen and act

I love campaigning because it enables positive change to happen. It gives people tools to use their voice to help others and unite together to build on an important cause.

You too can campaign for change! Ask your MP to find out how they can take action to help young people in need of support. 

campaign for change today


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