Posted: 29 April 2020

Popping and lock(down)ing: turning your living room into a dancefloor

Today we're celebrating International Dance Day, a chance to recognise the power of dance - as the subject of endless hours lost on TikTok, as a way to exercise at home without having to watch Joe Wicks, and as a way to come together and show support for young people.

Show support for young people? Yes! This Saturday, we're encouraging you to go online and  be part of YANA (You Are Not Alone) to compete in ‘Just Dance 20’ for The Children’s Society Cup. Money raised will go to our Emergency Coronavirus Appeal.

Lockdown lunging

The Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted everyone’s lives and as we continue to stay home and stay safe, we're getting more and more experimental with our time. Some of us are picking up long forgotten hobbies, others of us (most of us) are just finding new ways to procrastinate. 

One thing that spans both these approaches to lockdown is dance. Teenagers, parents, grandparents and pets are taking up TikTok dance challenges, and even more of us are watching them enviously on social media. 

The power of dance 

Dancing isn’t just good fun, it’s good healthy fun. Some of those TikTok challenges would give Joe Wicks a run for his money, and it brings people together. Whether you get your mum to do the Foot Shake dance, or you get the whole family involved in Blinding Lights, it offers a nice break from routine.

Plus, it’s inclusive. You don't need to be J. Lo or Jason Derulo to smash out a freestyle. If Peter Crouch can do the Robot to a crowd of 80,000 then anything goes. Dancing welcomes all styles and abilities. 


Take part in Just Dance 20

With so many young people, families and key work organisations embracing the power of dance through the Covid-19 crisis, we're encouraging people to join us on Saturday and cut some serious shapes in support for young poeple. Check out a Beyonce classic on Just Dance for inspiration. 

YANA will raise vital funds for our Emergency Coronavirus Appeal to help us provide care packages to vulnerable young people across the UK. 



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