Posted: 04 October 2018

Poems from young people

To celebrate National Poetry Day, we're sharing poems from young people at the Pause writing group in Birmingham. This year celebrates the theme of 'change'. All young people go through changes in their lives but some experience more than others, and many don't have access to the support they need to deal with these changes. 

How we help young people to deal with their emotions

Our Pause service in Birmingham aims to provide young people aged up to 25 with advice, sign posting, and support with any concerns related to mental and emotional well-being. 

As part of the work we do at Pause young people are given the opportunity to write poetry to help express their feelings.

With their permission, we have reproduced some of these below. The young people were asked to write a poem on the theme of 'hope'.

Poems from young people

Select one of the buttons below to reveal the different poems from James, Ryan and Cieran.

James, 17

As I sit next to you and look up at the sky,
I gaze into the stars and often wonder, why?
Why was it me that this illness fell upon?
Why was it me that had to carry on?

For when I look into the sky now all I see is the void.
I see the fear, the darkness and the hope that It's destroyed. The void stares back at me and often it will laugh,
but then you turn to me and whisper 'this will pass'.

Your hand locks with mine and I begin to ignore the sky,
for I know there's still hope.
As long as I try.


Ryan, 18

A dark road with no lights,
The time is late,
The sky is night
Something doesn’t feel right,
I am all alone.

Thunder crackles in the sky,
All around me, I hear cries,
As lighting passes in my eyes,
Why am I alone?

A house full of light,
A father giving his kids a fright,
Everybody feeling alright,
My heart beats fast.

The rain falls down on me,
Nobody else can see,
The darkness forming inside me,
It is almost time.

The engine roars down the street,
I look down at my feet,
I move into the road ahead,
No longer alone.

The car in pitch-black on the road,
Me, in pitch-black workers clothes,
Preparing for the end of it all,
Never alone again.

The lights of the car turn on,
The car stops in front of me,
The door opens, they step out,
Was I ever alone?

The sky clears, the sun shines,
The birds squawk in the sky,
I looked them in the eye,
I am not alone.

The light fills up my insides,
As all they say is ‘Nope.’
Now finally I realise,
What it is to have hope.


Cieran, 21

Hope is everything and it never dies,
Hope for me is you got to think about it everyday,
Because you only live once and get to take full advantage of your everyday living.

Hope will never die you just got to believe it won't,
If you do, hope will survive with you.
If not then hope will die with you.

You must promise me never give up on hope whatever you do.

Our new mental health advice and support site

Find out more about providing mental and emotional health advice for children and young people. 

Created in collaboration with Pause, you'll find a resource vault for young people to help them find out more about the mental or emotional health issues they may be worried about. 

visit our new mental health website

By Louise Jones - Digital team

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