Posted: 01 August 2014

Play today: The Debt Trap game

Since we launched our Debt Trap campaign, we’ve been exposing the devastating impact debt has on children. Families are working hard, day in and day out to build lives for their families but as the cost of living rises, it’s becoming a battle to pay the bills and find enough money for essentials.

As part of the campaign, we launched a new game. It follows our successful animated infographic and our two-minute film as tools to illustrate just how deeply debt can cost a family.


Ask your MP to back Breathing Space

Ask your MP to publicly back our plans to give families in debt a breathing space

Game play

The game focuses on the difficult decisions families have to make as they battle to pay the bills. It gives you the chance to walk in the shoes of a family making those decisions.

By bombarding you with bills, the game simulates a feeling of being overwhelmed that many families face on a daily basis. When two, three or four bills zoom towards your wall of bricks, you’ve got to make a decision: which do you stop and which do you let pass by and erode your finances?

The bills are coloured depending on what it represents, from the calmer blue ones that denote smaller family costs, to red burning ones for unexpected emergencies. As you play, the bills steadily fall more quickly and the game becomes more difficult.

Its message is that every day families face impossible choices about which essential bills to pay to try and avoid being trapped in debt. 

Can you beat my score?

The game is a bit of fun but highlights a serious issue in a way that gets your competitive juices going. In our office and on Twitter we've had people sharing their scores, trying to beat others. 

If you haven’t played yet, why not give it a try. My high score is 1140. If you can top that – or even if you can’t – let us know and share your score on Twitter or Facebook.

The more we get people talking about this game, the more people are talking about the devastating impact that debt has on children. So please spread the word today by sharing the game - help us expose and end the damage debt does to children.

By Katie Curtis - Campaigns team

Debt Trap

Debt's impact on children is often ignored or misunderstood. Change that - get involved in our Debt Trap campaign.


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