Posted: 03 December 2016

People without a front

Yesterday, we shared Marnie’s story, who we’ve supported recently. Today, we invite you to join us in prayer for young people across the country who face similar issues to Marnie.


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God of grace,
your love turns us from feeling unacceptable,
to being people who want to please you.
Desiring acceptance draws us to you,
but when insecurities abound,
we often seek solace in the wrong places.

In a world where photos are edited,
popularity is quantifiable,
and social media can infiltrate every waking hour;
may we be people without a front.
People who accept others as they are,
not as they are ‘meant to be’.

Thank you for the growing awareness of mental health.
We lift up everyone seeking to let young people know their worth;
that they are made in the image of God.

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Well-being and mental health

Most studies in the last 30 years have shown a straightforward, strong and positive correlation between personal participation in religious activity, like prayer, and well-being, most notably in the area of mental health. You can read more about this link in the summary of 139 academic studies into religion, well-being and mental health, recently conducted by Theos.

By Esther Elliott - Church team

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