Posted: 27 September 2013

Parables and people: Reflecting on our well-being research

This month, we've been reflecting on the advice from our well-being research to notice the world around us.

Our Good Childhood Report 2013, which draws on the opinions of 42,000 young people, found five practices that improve child well-being:

  • connecting with others
  • being active
  • learning
  • taking notice
  • playing

Our monthly reflection looks at how taking notice can benefit both adults and children.

Our research found that noticing and enjoying their surroundings has the strongest relationship to well-being for children. Observing and reflecting on our experiences helps us all to appreciate what matters. Meditation, prayer or simply savouring your walk to work or lunch with a friend can promote well-being.

Jesus himself was clearly very aware of the world around him. His parables often drew on nature, and he frequently stopped to talk to or heal someone others might have missed. He shows how noting benefits others as well as ourselves.


By Sophie Brightwell - Church team

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