Posted: 22 June 2013

Our volunteers' tweets are featured in Third Sector

We think the world of our volunteers - their help and support is vital to what we do. We were therefore thrilled when our Twitter 'takeover' celebrating Volunteers' Week was named Third Sector's Digital Campaign of the week.

Planning for campaign had started a few months previously. Our volunteering team wanted to do something that would both celebrate our volunteers and inspire others to get involved.

They came up with the idea of a volunteer Twitter 'takeover' to mark Volunteers' Week. This saw us send over 100 tweets over the course of the week, each one containing a quote from a different volunteer explaining what makes them volunteer for us. 

Potential reach of over 2.6 million

We had a great response from our followers with 313 retweets and a potential reach of over 2.6 million. None of this would have happened without our brilliant volunteering team, who gathered together all the quotes and, of course, our wonderful volunteers themselves, for sharing their reasons for supporting us.

In addition, we ran many blog stories throughout the week from volunteers, also coordinated by our volunteering team and shared on social media.

Finn Grant, project manager with the volunteering team, said: 'We could never have hoped for a more inspiring and all-encompassing articulation of why people should volunteer for us and the difference it makes - not just to the lives of the children and young people we support - but to the lives of our volunteers themselves.'

I compiled some of our volunteers' tweets using Storify - have a look. And if you're not following us on Twitter, please do.


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By Lizzie Murray - Digital team

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