Posted: 30 October 2014

Our support workers take fundraising to new heights – Part 2

Earlier this year, support worker Elizabeth talked of her plans to skydive 15,000 feet, along with her colleague Leonie, in support of our work. Having completed the jump, she now shares the details of her amazing experience. 

The most amazing experience of my life

The skydive was literally the most amazing experience of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed myself from the start of the process to the finish. From trying to coax others into diving with me, to all of the fundraising, I loved every minute.

Leonie and I were both extremely excited when the day actually came. I wasn’t nervous, just overwhelmed with excitement. Changing the height of the dive from 10,000ft to 15,000ft just added to the suspense.

First to Jump

Female skydiver about to jump

I was the first one out of the tandem divers to jump. When my instructor shouted ‘right Elizabeth legs out’ I couldn’t stop smiling, I knew that this was it. 

As my legs hung over the edge and I tilted my head backwards, I could feel the wind rushing past us. Before I could even comprehend what was about to happen, my instructor had lunged us over the edge and we were falling. I didn’t feel scared, but then again I did yell ‘oh my goodness’ without even realising.

Enjoying the view

Freefalling tandem skydivers

The feeling was indescribable and surreal. I felt like I was flying - like, really flying. We had the camera man falling in sync with us in front of us, filming every second. I felt like a flying celebrity.

After our parachute went up and we jolted upwards, I began to take in the fantastic scenery and enjoy what we were plummeting towards. I couldn’t help but laugh in delight as my instructor spun us around and around to add to the feeling. I didn’t want it to end. The beautiful weather made the jump even more enjoyable.

A safe landing

When it came to landing and he shouted ‘legs up’, it was harder to pull my legs up than we had practiced in our safety lesson previously. Gravity was pulling them down whilst I was trying to pull them up. I managed to do it successfully and we landed smoothly.

I was completely overwhelmed with feelings and cheered in delight. I immediately wanted to do it again, which was a common feeling amongst all the other jumpers too. It was utterly amazing. I am so lucky to have experienced such an amazing feeling whilst raising money for such a wonderful charity.

Now, what to do next?


You can still sponsor Elizabeth via her Do It For Charity Page

Find out more about organising your own skydive to fundraise for The Children’s Society here. 

By Elizabeth O'Connor - Programme staff

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