Posted: 13 June 2014

Our support workers take fundraising to new heights

To throw yourself out of a plane and free fall 15,000ft is not something I do every week. I wouldn’t normally take such a risk but skydiving to raise money for such an incredible charity makes it all the worthwhile.

I am a trainee intensive support worker within the Missing from Home team. We work directly with children and young people who are at risk or already have gone missing from home and care. We are a short term intervention project that helps young people learn more about keeping themselves safe and avoiding risky situations. Our team is passionate, dedicated and goes above and beyond to help as many young people as we can.

I decided I wanted to skydive shortly after joining the team at The Children’s Society in November.

I had done bits of fundraising throughout my life such as a small sponsored walk, but nothing of this scale. I put forward the idea to my team members who were all very supportive of my plan, which involved plummeting thousands of feet strapped to another person. I even managed to convince my colleague Project Worker Leonie Gasper to join me. 

How you can get involved

Without sponsors and funding our work wouldn’t be possible. Therefore raising awareness of what we do is vital. I aim to raise as much money as possible through this exciting event. Please make a donation today.

We have started our fundraising and are exploring as many ways as possible to increase sponsors and donations.

The dive will take place Monday 23 June, and we are working to achieve a high volume of sponsors as we know how valuable all donations are to our organisation. We have a videographer who will be filming our whole experience and taking snaps which we will be able to showcase to you all after our dive. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you can, feel free to make a donation. Any amount, large or small, is greatly appreciated.

Make a donation today

Wish us luck!

By Elizabeth O'Connor - Programme staff

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Hope the jump went well and you had a fantastic day. Can't wait to see the pics!