Posted: 19 May 2015

Packed with care: Our partnership with Davpack

The managing director of Davpack, Barney Byfield, discussed the way our partnership helps support our charity though the sales of charity merchandise.

You can help support the partnership, too - visit the Davpack website to find out about their charity packaging.

Can you explain our charity packaging scheme?

It works in exactly the same way as buying charity Christmas cards. Every time someone buys a pack from the range, a donation is automatically made to The Children’s Society.

However, the packaging also helps to raise awareness for the charity, because every single bag and every single box in the range has been printed with The Children’s Society logo, along with information about the charity’s aims and work.

We've also been promoting The Children’s Society on our website, in our social media and in local and trade press.

Add this all together, and Davpack has reached out to thousands of people about the invaluable work The Children’s Society does, and in the process has sold nearly a quarter of a million pieces of packaging, with each one raising important funds for the charity. 

Davpack charity packaging

A Davpack box with our branding

What first brought the idea of raising money for charities through sales?

After the Royal Mail changed the way they charge for delivering parcels in April 2013, we introduced a special range of postal boxes to match the new size restrictions. As a result, our sales received a big boost, and we got to thinking about just how many hands Davpack postal packaging passes through, especially at busy times like Christmas.

When we started to think about our charity Christmas cards later in the year, it suddenly struck us that the same principle could apply to packaging – that in just the same way a company could support a charity through sending out their Christmas cards, so they could do the same with their packaging.

And not only does it raise funds for a worthwhile cause, for those using it, it also says something very positive to the end customer about their business philosophy.

Can anyone buy this packaging?

Yes. Absolutely anyone can buy our charity packaging, because they it is not restricted to large minimum orders. Most of our trade is done business to business, but as our charity packaging is available in packs of as few as 10, that makes it equally accessible to small businesses, those with small storage areas, and even individuals selling crafts and goods online on sites like eBay, Etsy and Not on the High Street.

Davpack charity packaging

A Davpack box with our branding

What can the readers do?

They can start by telling ten people about the Davpack charity packaging range. We want to spread the word about the vital work The Children’s Society does as far as possible, and, while we’re at it, raise as much money as we can to help them do it. There are some really easy ways to help us do that, such as liking and sharing our page, posting a blog or tweeting about our charity packaging or, even better, providing a mention and link from their business’ site to our charity packaging page.

Or of course they could also buy some of the packaging.

Is there a goal for how much you want to raise for our charity?

We know already that we shall be donating at least a five figure sum to The Children’s Society. We haven’t set a target, we just wanted it to be as large a figure as possible.

Buy packaging on the Davpack website

More than 214,000 packaging items sold so far

You can find out more about Davpack's range of charity packaging on their website.

Davpack provided a breakdown of the most popular types of charity packaging sold during the first six months of our partnership. Have a look at how many postal bags, post saver boxes, small parcels, single wall boxes, double wall boxes and postal boxes were sold.

By Barney Byfield - Guest bloggers

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