Posted: 04 August 2013

Our favourite online maps - What are yours? [updated]

Do you like maps? We do. Over the past year we've run several on our site, including one last month about local assistance schemes available across the UK

While focusing on maps might seem to be a geeky pursuit – and I wouldn’t argue that point – they're also popular. In fact, since its launch, the local assistance scheme map has been the fourth-most popular page on our website.

That's something we're glad to see – the map is being used and hopefully helps makes it easier for people to learn about support schemes in their area.

The popularity of our map got us thinking about what some of our other favourite interactive online maps. I asked some colleagues for suggestions for other maps that they really like.

Don't miss these other maps

While the maps present a wide range of information - bomb patterns in London during World War II, every person in England and Wales, shared-bicycle trends in New York City, Starbucks locations all around the world - they all utilise maps in illuminating, useful and often fun ways.

Please take a look at these maps:

Update - 3 August

Since the first post, we received several additional suggestions, including The New Yorker's mapping of salaries as you travel across subway lines in New York City, and 18 related to the London Underground:

What's your favourite map?

Is there an online map you particularly like?

If so, let us know by leaving a comment.

By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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