Posted: 05 June 2016

One small ‘thank you’ can make a world of difference

We are in the midst of Volunteers’ Week (1-12 June) which is a great chance to thank and celebrate our amazing volunteers. So we have invited Dave Farris – one of our fantastic Diocesan Presidents – to share a reflection on his volunteer role that involves inspiring and thanking fellow volunteers.


To volunteer is to give of yourself so that others might benefit. Some people find it a difficult thing to do but I believe it’s normally just a matter of finding what stokes your passion and drives you to get up and make a difference. It’s because I see the good in everyone that I believe that we are all capable of helping others in their time of need. It’s something we can do. It’s something we should celebrate!

For me it’s always been about helping others to shape their future. I’ve been blessed during my life and see others who aren’t so fortunate. I can help, and as a committed Christian I must follow Jesus’ example and act.

Without an army of volunteers, the UK’s charities would be hard pressed to function effectively and The Children’s Society is no different. The fundraisers, the creatives who make and sell, the shop assistants, the project volunteers and of course, those who pray for our work: all are needed and all have a part to play.

Many years ago a congregation member apologised that there were only a couple of pounds in her house box. I reassured her that it would make a real difference, no matter how small, because each copper coin added together delivers pure gold. And so it is with that small change bringing in nearly two million pounds each year.

Small change brings change. Let’s celebrate it.

Doing little voluntary things matter and The Children’s Society have made it even easier by pulling together a host of ‘micro-volunteering’ actions that take no time at all to complete but all make a difference. Why not take a minute and have a look. Each action added together becomes a movement of change.

 Whilst no volunteer should ever step forward expecting reward, what does go down well is a simple ‘thank you’. As Southwark Diocesan President I delight in visiting our volunteers in churches and saying a genuine thank you to them on behalf of the children that their actions have helped. If you know someone who has been or is involved in volunteering for The Children's Society (or, indeed, another charity) why not say thank you for all they do or have done this week? Join us in celebrating Volunteers’ Week.


If you volunteer in any way to support the flourishing of young people, thank you.

We can all make a difference. No matter how small you may think your effort is, to the person on the receiving end it could be immense. Don’t wait, get involved now


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