Posted: 06 January 2016

Notable push-ups of recent history

Our Tough n Buff fitness challenge could see you doing 50 push ups by day 30. Need some inspiration? Here we remember some notable push ups from the past. 

Bring Sally Up- push up challenge

A push up challenge based on a Moby song. Test your strength by hovering in a low plank until Moby sings ‘Bring Sally up’.

It’s a whole 3 minutes 53 seconds of hard core endurance, so difficult the toughest push up supremoes had to share their achievements. It’s tiring just to watch.

The world record of the most one-finger push-ups in 30 seconds

That is one strong finger. Our Tough n Buff challenge can’t promise you this, but you can try. 

Ellen DeGeneres v Michelle Obama push-up competition

This is really impressive. The push ups are good, but getting the First Lady of the United States to take this competition on live TV is the real feat.

The competition begins just after a minute into the video and without spoiling anything, Michelle could be almost on day 30 of our Tough n Buff challenge.

Bruce Lee's two-fingered push-ups

It isn’t quite the one fingered push up, but the delivery is a lot cooler. Check out that tippy-toe getting up technique. 

Nick's push-ups in support of Tough n Buff

Joined by his nieces Imogen, centre, and Madison, right, Nick is doing push ups as part of our Tough n Buff challenge.  

No gym. No equipment. No problem!

Over 30 days, get fit, get sponsored and raise money to help vulnerable children in the UK.

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By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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