Posted: 12 September 2013

New campaign underscores free school meals' importance

This week, 4 in 10 - a group focused on action on child poverty in London - launched their Let’s All Have Lunch campaign, calling for all primary school children in the capital to receive free school meals.

It’s great that more attention is being given to free school meals and to the families in poverty who are excluded from this entitlement. A hot nutritious school meal may be the only decent meal a child will eat all day. As our Fair and Square campaign report makes clear, this has serious consequences for health and education attainments of children.

We welcome 4 in 10’s campaign in London, and we want to go even further by taking action at a national level.

Free school meals for all children living in poverty across the country 

With 1.2 million children in poverty missing out on free school meals in primary and secondary schools across the country. This is clearly an issue requiring national action and leadership from the government. 

As the new Universal Credit benefit system is introduced over the next few months, the government has the perfect opportunity to correct this unfairness.

The immense value of free school meals

It’s brilliant to see the Let’s All Have Lunch campaign drawing even more attention to the value of free school meals, and the injustice of so many low-income families missing out. 

We need the government to take action across the country. Please help make a difference – tell your MP to make it Fair and Square.

By Gavin Thomson - Campaigns team

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