Posted: 17 January 2019

National Volunteering Awards 2018

Our annual National Volunteering Awards recognise some of the outstanding volunteers that work tirelessly to support our work with the most vulnerable young people across the UK.

Nominations come from all over the country and are carefully considered by selected Directors and Trustees, based on how they demonstrate our core values of being brave, ambitious, trusted and supportive.

These awards give us the opportunity to thank volunteers for everything they have done, and continue to do, for the vulnerable children and young people whose lives we fight to improve.

National Volunteering Award Winners 2018

Thousands of volunteers across the country give their time to help children and young people - which made selecting our winners particularly tricky. A huge congratulations to all our award winners, some of which we introduce to you now:

🏆 Anna Perry, Wellbeing volunteer at Pause in Birmingham

Anna Perry profile

Anna is an exceptional volunteer who shows continued dedication to our work. This is why she has been given the Luke Sharp Award - Young Volunteer of the Year.

In her first year of studying, Anna joined the Youth Health Parliament and campaigned for the introduction of youth mental drop-in centres throughout the UK. She even stood up in Parliament to deliver a passionate speech about mental health policy.

Anna then played an instrumental role in the opening of Pause, a drop-in mental health service in Birmingham. Here she leads creative writing workshops and art therapy groups, helping to build the confidence of countless young people.

Even though Anna has since moved away from Birmingham, she continues to make the 50-mile journey every week to help out at the centre. We thank Anna for everything that she has done for children and young people and are honoured to have her as one of our volunteers.

🏆 Paul Dowson and Jackie Craggs, Retail volunteers in South Shields

Paul and Jackie profile

For more than three years, Jackie Craggs and Paul Dowson have been the backbone of the Dean Road shop in South Fields. Regularly going above and beyond their normal shifts, we greatly appreciate their commitment to the shop and the customers.

Both Jackie and Paul volunteer full-time at the branch and consistently support other volunteers and staff, whether through offering lifts or simply inspiring others with their passion and energy.

Despite facing some real difficulties at the shop, both Jackie and Paul turn up for every shift with a smile on their faces, ready for whatever the day throws at them.

We thank Jackie and Paul for their consistent support of The Children’s Society and believe them to be deserving winners in this year’s National Volunteering Awards.

🏆 Marie Fyffe, Retail volunteer in Heaton Moor Bookshop

Marie profile

We would like to award Marie Fyffe, a retail volunteer from Heaton Moor, with this year’s National Volunteering Award.

Marie started volunteering with us as a 14 year old student and has now celebrated 10 years in the Heaton Moor bookshop.

Marie is now a mother of a young girl but still volunteers at the shop every Saturday morning. Her cheerful and friendly nature has been a welcoming presence for volunteers and customers alike.

Marie’s commitment to her local community and The Children’s Society has been nothing short of inspirational, and we thank her for her tremendous support over the years.

🏆 Mary Logan, Befriender in London

Mary profile

Mary Logan is a retired GP who uses her knowledge to support vulnerable young people with exceptionally high support needs. She has been completely adaptable and flexible to the young people’s needs and has put in a huge amount of time, effort and care to maintain contact and engagement.

Providing one-to-one emotional support to a young person at high risk, Mary continues to take on challenging tasks such as home visits, and seeing young people in hospitals and secure mental health facilities when needed.

Mary is ambitious, reliable and dedicated, and continually finds creative ways to engage young people.

🏆 Anthony Hill, Retail Volunteer

Mary profile

We would like to honour Anthony's commitment in raising the profile of our shop in Newark and believe he is a deserving winner in our National Volunteering Awards.

With his boundless energy and cheery personality, Anthony is loved by our volunteers and customers alike. He has made an outstanding contribution to our Newark shop, and come rain or shine, is always willing to don a funny wig or fancy dress to amuse passers-by, encouraging them to buy from or donate to the shop.

We wanted to recognise Anthony’s dedication and creativity through giving him this award, and thank him for all that he does to help The Children’s Society.

🏆 Elizabeth Forbes

Mary profile

Liz Forbes' support began sixty years ago when she would volunteer regularly in a children's home. She has been involved in our Christingles since the early 70s and remembers where it all started.

Liz is innovative, appreciative and won't stop smiling even in times of adversity. Liz's commitment and ongoing loyalty has been an inspiration to people around her - she's a wonderful woman!

Our other 2018 award winners include:

A hugely committed Independent Visitor from our Torbay service.

One of our brilliant Volunteer Mentors from our Newcastle service.

A dedicated Retail Volunteer from our Meir shop.

A long-standing and supportive Volunteer Administrator from our head office.

A truly inspiring Speaker and Campaigner from Wokingham.

One of our amazing Committee Chairs in Bristol.

A highly creative organiser and Box Coordinator from Hampshire.

Thank you and a huge congratulations to all of our winners for their exceptional contributions. We'd also like to thank every one of our amazing volunteers across the country, we simply couldn't do it without you.

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By Kaja Zuvac-Graves

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