Posted: 25 July 2011

My work experience week at SCARPA by Rachel Ward

Fourteen-year-old Rachel Ward recently completed a week's work experience at our SCARPA programme in Newcastle which supports young runaways. Below is her account of how the week went.

My first day at SCARPA on work experience was an eventful day. To start with I read through the health and safety guidelines then afterwards I created and decorated letters spelling out the words 'SCARPA Squad' and put them up on a board about the squad.

Pot of Gold

I enjoyed the morning very much and in the afternoon I completed a questionnaire for the SCARPA Squad as part of their Pot of Gold application. Pot of Gold is a fund that provides money for charities to run activities for young people.

On my second day at SCARPA I helped the team write rules for the SCARPA Squad to follow and then afterwards Libby (SCARPA Squad leader) and I went food shopping for our trip to the Houses of Parliament on the 12 July.

Designing posters

My third day at SCARPA was a very busy day. In the morning I sat in the SCARPA team meeting then afterwards Libby and me went to SMART, a programme that supports young refugees. When we got back to SCARPA I began work on designing posters to go to schools in Kenton to raise awareness of the dangers children face when running away.

On my fourth day of work experience I created a newsletter about the SCARPA Squad and then later on in the day Libby and I met with fundraisers to raise awareness of the programme. I really liked talking to the fundraisers about the brilliant work SCARPA does.

On my final day at SCARPA I finished my work on the posters and had a farewell coffee with Libby in Starbucks. I really enjoyed my work experience placement at SCARPA and I found it all very interesting.

By Rachel Ward

SCARPA is our Featured programme of the month.  

 Every year more than 100,000 children run away from home or care. And they need your help.  

That is why The Children’s Society has launched the Make Runaways Safe campaign. We aim to protect every child that runs away and ensure that there is a national safety net of support. Find out more about how you can help.

By Rachael Ward - Programme staff

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It sounds like a brilliant (and busy!) week, Rachel. Thanks for sharing your work experience with everyone - I hope this will encourage other organisations to offer similar opportunities for young people!