Posted: 21 December 2016

Messages of solidarity for child refugees

As part of the Guardian Appeal we asked supporters to send messages of solidarity to child refugees and migrants in our services.

Hundreds of people got in touch, to leave words of support for these children. It was heart-warming to see so many positive messages.

Messages of support

Below is a video about one of the services we run – and where these messages will be sent.

Supporters joined thousands of our campaigners in supporting vulnerable child refugees with their messages of solidarity. Here's what a few of them had to say.

'We are with you in solidarity and humanity; wishing you all strength to take on the new challenges you face and a warm welcome here to the UK' - Gareth, Hackney

'We are all the same. We want a safe life. I would like to share my safe life with you' - Nina, Bath and North East Somerset

'Welcome to the UK. I was a child when I arrived as a refugee in the UK 28 years ago. I hope British people will be as supportive to you as they were to me and I hope you will have a happy, safe, long life' - Neslihan
'You are important, strong and valued. Welcome to this country' - Ellie, Brent

'You're welcome here, I hope you'll stay, be safe and find the strength to move on and lead a happy life' - Carson, Reading

'Welcome to the UK!!!! I hope you have a great start to life in the UK, that people are friendly and that you make this your home. Always remember that you are welcome here. Wishing you all the very best' - Kerry, Croydon

'You deserve a good quality of life and I, my family and friends are happy to help you to get it' - Graham, West Somerset

'I am glad you have made it to a place of safety. We welcome you here and I really hope you receive all the support you need in order to feel safe, make new friends, feel at home and make a life for yourself here. We wish you all the very best. With love and hugs' - Hazel, Barnet

'You have the right to the best life possible. Stay strong and believe that you can make it. We're so proud of what you have achieved so far. Courage!' - Lisa

'I'm appalled at your treatment and can only hope that you and your children find some way to forgive the world' - David, Liverpool

'You are brave and truly amazing. You deserve a bright future and I wish you all the best!' - Dimitra, Newcastle-under-Lyme

'Hello, we are so happy you're here! My mum came here when she was young and, at first it was all new and strange, but she loved her life here. I hope it will be the same for you.' - Aefa, Glasgow City

Thank you

We can’t tell you how wonderful it’s been reading these messages; they’ve all been passed round the office. Thank you so much.

By Andy Soar

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