Posted: 19 June 2013

Meet Sally Wrenn, Digital Intern

What do you do as a Digital Intern here at The Children’s Society?

I create and edit content for our digital channels including blogs, webpages, and emails. I work with all members of the digital team, as well as various other teams across the organisation to provide support on their projects. 

Beyond being an intern, what else do you do?

I am a third year student at the University of Mary Washington where I study marketing and management. I have been in London since early May with a study abroad programme. Back in the States I work at a private school as a teacher aide and during the summer I am the assistant director of a summer camp programme for primary school age children.  

How have you found living in London?

This is actually my second time in London. I was here in 2006 on holiday with my family. I love this city and I am so thrilled to be back here studying. I love the diversity and the ancient history that can be seen throughout the city. I love walking through all the markets and experiencing new cultures and food! 

How did you come to do your internship at The Children’s Society?

My study abroad programme placed me here based on my CV. I could not be happier with my placement because I not only do I get work on marketing design, but I know that my work is going towards a good cause. 

In addition to helping children, are there any other causes you support or are passionate about?

I am a supporter of a charity called Dig Pink, which combines a love for volleyball with the desire to support breast cancer research. I participate in volleyball tournaments and other events to raise money for the cause. 

So far, how have you found being an intern here?

While I have only been here for a few weeks, I already feel like part of the team. On my first day I was given responsibilities and was immediately immersed into the team. Everyone went out of their way to be sure that I received the proper training and always had enough tea.

Would you like to mention anything we haven't spoken of?

I have become a master of nagivgating the tube! It's so easy to get around and it just amazes me that you can get almost anywhere in London in just about 40 minutes' time. It makes exploring the city that much easier.

By Sally Wrenn - Digital team

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