Posted: 28 January 2016

Meet our young trustees: Robert

This week we're introducing our young trustees. This group of young people take part in our trustee board meetings. 

Robert lives in Surrey and is studying four A-levels this year. He plans to become an engineer, but also enjoys ice skating and woodwork in his spare time.

Robert is a young carer and took part in a photography project which is currently being exhibited around the UK. Robert has been a young trustee for half a year.

He recently spent some time answering our questions.

How did you find out about our young trustees board?

After taking part in the young carers exhibition Hidden I wanted to be more involved with The Children’s Society.

I applied because I want to help spread the word of what sort of challenges young people face.

Being a young trustee means I am able to make a positive impact on the lives of other young people. 

What do you do as a young trustee?

I attend board meetings with the other trustees and I help by asking questions about how The Children’s Society is run.

I give a young person’s opinion on different matters that are being discussed.

I also attend meetings with people from different departments of The Children’s Society and they ask us how their projects can be improved to suit the needs of young people.

What are you most proud of having worked on in The Children’s Society?

I was involved with an exhibition along with 24 other young people about young carers.

Photographs were taken of us in an environment that we spent a lot of time in. My photo was taken at an ice rink. I was interviewed and my story was displayed alongside my photograph. The magazine Reader’s Digest also interviewed me and I had an article in their magazine .

The exhibition has helped spread awareness of the important role young carers play and it has been great to be a part of this.

Are you able to continue this important work by being a young trustee?

As a young trustee I see proposals for new strategies and campaigns that intend to spread the awareness of young carers. I feel that the decisions I help make as a young trustee make a big impact on the support that is available to young people who need help.

I think that one of the main ways of spreading the knowledge of who young carers are and what they do is by talking to people. From my own experience I have found people are keen to listen and are surprised at what so many young people face.

In trustee meetings the young trustees try and ask questions from a young person’s perspective. Because we are young people ourselves, we often see the situation differently to how some adults see it and we suggest ideas that we think could make the campaigns more appealing and useful to young people.

By Isobel Foulsham

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