Posted: 26 January 2016

Meet our young trustees: Luke

This week we're introducing our young trustees. This group of young people take part in our trustee board meetings. 

Luke joined the young trustees earlier this year. Before this Luke was part of The Children’s Commission on Poverty where he investigated the impact of poverty on children. 

He recently spent some time answering our questions.

How did you find out about our young trustees board?

I applied to be a Trustee after my work with The Children’s Commission on Poverty

I was really proud of the work I did with the commission because it was a huge national campaign that got the attention of young people, MPs and lots of other important people. 

This gave me a real passion for voicing my opinion and I felt that the trustee board would help me to do this.

Being part of the young trustees has enabled me to carry on influencing decision making.

What do you do as a young trustee?  

As a young trustee I go to the trustee board meetings to give young people’s views on issues raised in the meetings.

There have been lots of interesting discussions around the future of the charity. As young trustees we get to voice our opinion on what children and young people will think about the proposed changes.

It means that children and young people can be at the very heart of The Children’s Society.  

I enjoy finding out what plans there are and how they will make the services The Children’s Society offer better.

What are you most proud of having worked on as a young trustee?

I have a passion for sharing my experiences to change others’ lives. Being a young trustee has enabled me to continue doing this.

I hope to help young people who may experience similar childhood difficulties that I have had.

Being part of the trustee board is very insightful and helps me to feel as though I have made a change in the world.

By Isobel Foulsham

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