Posted: 16 April 2012

Meet Lauren Devereux, Media Intern

Today we're proud to begin a series of blog stories from our media intern, Lauren Devereux.

This month, she will be penning a handful of stories about her experiences as part of our busy media team, and life in London.

We begin Lauren's series with a brief Q&A.

What do you do as a media intern here at The Children’s Society?

I work alongside the media officers in the department, helping to draft press releases and stories. I’ve been working on a few projects focused specifically in digital media as well. A few weeks ago I got to travel to Warwickshire to attend the Over the Rainbow awards, which was such an incredible experience. It was so nice to put faces and giggles to the names of the young people that I’ve been writing about.

Beyond being an intern, what else do you do?

I’m a Communications Studies major at Loyola Marymount University with a minor in Business. I’ve only lived in London since January, so I spend most of my free time exploring this huge city! I’ve done my fair share of travelling recently as well. I’m a total architecture fiend, so it’s been hard for me not to fall in love with every European city I’ve been to, but so far my favourite city (besides this one, of course) has been Florence.

In addition to children’s well-being, are there any other causes you support or are passionate about?

I am really passionate about the anti-genocide movement. I am an officer at the Save Darfur chapter at my university, so most of my time in the States was spent advocating for justice in Sudan and the surrounding areas. I also volunteer at a grade school in Kabalagala, Uganda, which has been incredibly rewarding.

So far, what is your favourite thing about being an intern here?

Oh that’s a tough one. I’d have to say that my favourite part of interning here has to be the people that I work with! Not only have they been so fun and welcoming, but they’ve been so eager and willing to show me the ropes. I must admit, I will really miss drinking so much tea at the office when I head back to America.

How have you found living in London?

I have absolutely loved it. I could walk around until my feet fall off, and visit as many cool neighbourhoods as I can, but I will never see all of the awesome things that this city has to offer. The only thing richer than the international culture here is the history. I never want to leave!

I can’t believe I’ve lived 20 years of my life without Ribena, Hyde Park, and Indian food from Brick Lane!

By Lauren Devereux - Media team

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